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>>BIG thanks to my Dad for giving me his Pentax K-1000 camera which i still lovingly use. even with the many benefits of digital photography, i'm still amazed at the depth and versatility that film carries (and grain will always be infinitely more sexy than pixels).

photography has provided an outlet for all my crazy life experiences - it's the best tool i have to express myself. an image for me can carry a message or feeling that's much more evocative than words.

i'm definitely a reactionary shooter, trying to capture those brief moments that reveal themselves for just a glimpse: a dog's toothy snarl, a giant snowboard flip or an ominous cloud formation. while i do work in a photography studio in seattle, i thrive on shooting outdoors, using natural light and boundless landscapes for backgrounds.

half the work of taking a good shot is finding the right angle, so you might see me lying belly-up on the ground, stepping on random objects or climbing a tree to get that unique perspective. getting a bit dirty does make for good photos.

learning web design and front-end coding has also given me another creative outlet, and has helped push my photography in other directions. if you're looking for a visually engaging website, gimme a SHOUT. if you need hardcore programming, contact my brother at DIGIPOP...he got all the programming genes in the family.